Personal Solutions

Why Evolving Personal Solutions?
Occasionally we all need the support of a professional in some form or another, and it can be hard to know who to trust. Terry has made a great deal of connections in his professional career and personal life. Evolving Personal Solutions can assist you in building a network of skilled and highly regarded professionals to help you take the challenge and achieve success!

Below are some of the life issues, health products and professional services providers that are being researched by Evolving Personal Solutions, and may be of interest or benefit to you:

Assets Life Style Health
  • Residential Situation / Investment Property

Mortgage / rent – are these productive?

  • Superannuation

Where are you at and how can you position yourself?

  • Shares / Managed Funds

How are they working for you?

  • Administration

We are able to suggest ways to monitor your assets. For example:
Financial Adviser

  • Are you happy with your work / life balance ?

Have you set the goals you wish to achieve?
If you are moving to retirement, how are you structured and what do you need to live on comfortably?
Whilst accumulating assets using debt, have you looked at ways to protect yourself and your family if something happened?

  • Tools to help you

We have tools to illustrate how you are going and to set targets to become debt free and move into retirement comfortably

  • How is your health and well-being?
    Have you had an illness or traumatic event that has effected your productivity?
  • Have you considered:

A visit to the doctor?
More regular exercise?
A massage?
A visit to the physiotherapist or chiropractor?
Changes to your diet?
Additional vitamins?

Personal-ProcessIf you would like any information about the above, please contact Evolving Personal solutions:ph: 08 9467 8547
mob: 041717 3704